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Privacy Notice

Bangor University and the University of Chester have established the CaBan partnership to enable the delivery of Initial Teacher Education in north Wales. In order to enable the effective delivery of this joint activity the Universities will each handle and process data of programme applicants and students in accordance with their own Privacy Notices: Bangor University; University of Chester.

In addition, and to ensure the effective delivery of the partnership, the Universities are required to share information with each other and with partnership schools (Primary, Secondary, Special Schools and partnership outdoor education centres) to ensure effective administration; enable communication; to ensure wellbeing; to ensure consistency, fairness, quality and standards across the organisations; to ensure compliance with Welsh Government accreditation requirements and to enable effective and accurate collaboration with partnership schools in the north Wales region. Information will only be shared to the extent that it is absolutely necessary as governed by the Information Sharing Protocol(s) for the regular sharing of information between the universities and partnership schools.